My Role as Your DJ

My job is to help you guys with the planning process as much as possible.   Education is the key!   The more you know about what I have seen work in the past and what sort of angle we are looking for, the more you will be able to come up with solutions that fit your party. After all, we want to make this party a reflection of you and at the same time, make it fun for everyone there… and we definitely want them coming up to you and saying “WOW, we had such a good time at your party!!” There’s a lot of work that goes into that and I am here to help you through all of it!

A Fresh Approach to a Traditional Event

I can sum up the Conquest Entertainment philosophy in what I call the 4 “F”‘s.   It’s part of what gives wedding “elegance with an edge”   Your wedding is going to be ultra classy and super fun… just the way a modern event should be!

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Why You Should Book With Us


We will work together to make sure that EVERYONE at your wedding has FUN! By playing music for all generations, we make sure that all your guests, from your grandmother to your little cousin gets to hear music they enjoy.  Did your family want to hear some salsa or polka?  No problem!

It also means that we can incorporate some of your ideas and personality into the wedding as well. There’s plenty of ways we can surprise your guests with a fun First Dance or Father Daughter Dance.

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My motto is “Elegance with an Edge!”  I like to present a very modern and stylish atmosphere when I DJ, meaning that my equipment looks great and sounds awesome too.  It also means that unless you tell me otherwise, we leave some of the more corny songs on the shelf.

I like to bring a little “Downtown” flavor to the party, because I am an experienced technical DJ, I can seamlessly blend all your favorite songs together into continuous mix… NO FADING OUT between songs…it FLOWS… and best of all, NO SILENCE!



Keeping things moving isn’t an easy task… My goal with every event is to have it come off as if it had been rehearsed 100 times, even though in most cases there was no practice at all! Transitioning from things like first dances to dinner to cake cutting should feel smooth, just like the transitions between songs!

I play songs in an order that makes sense, so that it feels like you’re riding on a metal roller-coaster, not the wooden one that jumps all over the place!

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Every wedding is different and there are lots of ways to make your party one of a kind that no one forgets! I LOVE helping to create a memory that will last a lifetime . Do you want to do something super cool and different? Let’s hear your ideas!

Being flexible also means being quick on your feet. We have a plan and a timeline, but sometimes dresses need fixing and bouquets need to found. No problem, I’m usually thinking several steps ahead in case we need to change direction so that everything keeps moving.

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Why You Should Book With Us

Superior Customer Service

If it’s one thing I believe in, it’s good customer service. It means quick responses to your phone calls, texts and emails. It means doing whatever it takes to make sure that everything runs and operates smoothly on your wedding day! I love talking weddings with people, we can come up with some really fun ideas that will make your wedding the one everyone talks about.

I ~LOVE~ Weddings!

I am the luckiest person in the world… I never have a bad day at work! I really enjoy being a part of a happy couple’s special day. I love seeing their ideas come to life and nothing is better than the energy of a room full of people cheering for a bride and groom as they enter the room during introductions. There’s a lot of satisfaction in taking all that I’ve learned about a bride and groom over the months and putting that together in the form of music for them and their guests. It’s audible art!

Quality Sound and Appearance

I’m a stickler for appearance and I can respect how much effort went into choosing a color theme and designing all of the centerpieces and other arrangements. The DJ’s area should compliment your decor, not ruin it! I use only the highest quality equipment that looks great and sounds even better. I have designed my DJ rig with a few things in mind…. clean looks….great sound… and a backup plan! I carry several computers and hard drives to make sure there isn’t 1 second of silence!

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