Are you looking for a professional Disc Jockey for Your Wedding in Geneva Il?

Mixing and Blending Demo taken at Riverside Receptions 3-17-12 [responsive_vid]
Finding a good wedding DJ for your Geneva area wedding is important to the success of your wedding.  Geneva, IL has some really great wedding venues, like The Riverside banquets and Eagle Brook Country Club.   I have performed many weddings at both venues and they are some of my favorite places to DJ in the area!   The staff at both of these venues is super friendly and extremely helpful.  It helps make the party better for everyone, especially the bride and groom!

Geneva is closeby for me, so it’s very easy for us to meet up anytime you have questions or need some advice on how to plan your wedding agenda.  I live in Wayne, and I never mind going to Geneva, because that way I can visit some of my favorite stores downtown, like Kiss the Sky records!

Working Together Makes Everything Better!

I believe in working together with vendors like photographers and videographers so that the night moves smoothly and nothing is missed.  I know camera batteries need changing and cameras need adjusting, so I wait until I get a thumbs up from the photographer before we move forward… that way nothing is missed!   I’ve heard stories of DJ’s forgetting to let people know what’s going on, or worse, being a “diva” and screwing things up for everyone!

Add a Photo Booth and Save!

I believe in giving people a good deal and not trying to milk them to death on prices!  Do you want to have a photo booth at your wedding?  How about some uplighting?   I’m more than happy to give you a nice discount when you start bundling services and options.  We’re one of the top Chicago Photo Booth rental companies.

The Photo Booth comes with all kinds of options, totally included in the price!   You can customize all sorts of things like:contact us arrow

  • Custom Curtain Color from our selection of colors
  • Custom Background on Photo Strips
  • Custom Touch Screen messages
  • Custom Logo on the bottom of Photo Strips

Plus, things like online image hosting and props are included in the price! Isn’t that sweet?

Contact Joel Quest today and lets talk more about your wedding.  I want to hear all about what music you really love and what sort of music you don’t want to hear at your wedding.   I want to know how you guys met and all about your hobbies and lifestyle.  There’s lots to talk about!    Give me a call anytime at 630-779-4868 today!