wedding dj dancingWhy not book the best wedding Disc Jockey near Elgin, IL or Photo Booth near  St. Charles for your wedding or party?  When it comes down to it, the DJ is the person that can make or break your party.  The timing, the music choice, the sound equipment, it all makes a difference.  If you book someone just to save a few dollars you could end up wasting a lot more when if you don’;t book a DJ that has passion, professionalism and talent.  There are a lot of choices out there, so make sure you connect with your DJ on many levels!

Book a DJ That Truly Cares About Your Event!

Whether you are having your wedding at The Heritage Ballroom or the Marriott in Elgin, you can rely on me, Joel Quest to provide you with an amazing DJ performance, based off of your wishes and desires, from your music taste to your personality.   I want to take the time to get to know you and your fiance, that way I know how to select the right music at the right time.  Every bride and groom has different music taste, there are styles of music that people love and there are others that people don’t want to hear at their wedding, and that’s totally cool!   I love being able to take even the most unique music taste and weave it into the music for the night.

I Want Everyone At Your Wedding To Have Fun!!

It’s also very important to me to make sure that everyone at your event has fun.  Everyone should feel that they are part of the celebration by playing music that they can identify with and groove to.  That means as a DJ, I need to have a large selection of music, and I also need the ability to download special songs on the spot just in case someone requests a song I don’t have.   One time I was approached by the father of the bride with a song request I didn’t have.   He didn’t mention that it was his first dance song from his own wedding.   Later, the bride was talking to me and I mentioned his request, and she told me it was their first dance.  I immediately downloaded the song using my phone and tethering capabilities, and right before the end of the night, I made sure that the father of the bride and the mother of the bride were in the room, and then I played their song.  Their faces lit up and everyone in the room circled around them

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I also can provide you with many other options.  I really enjoy this job and working with some of the coolest brides and grooms in the Elgin, Il area.   I’m always looking to create a long lasting positive memory for my clients and their guests.   The first step is to fill out the form here on the right or give me a call.  There’s so much to talk about!