Special Deals

Why not try and save some extra money by bundling services offered by Conquest entertainment.    The more you add, the better package deal we can give you.   Every wedding is different and depending on your date, location and requirements, you could save quite a bit getting your DJ, Photo Booth, and Uplighting from us.

25 % off

Discounts for Friday and Sunday Weddings!

Depending on your location, date and what services you need, you could Save up to 25% on Friday and Sunday weddings by using Conquest Entertainment for your DJ & Photo Booth service.

Want to find out more?   Fill out the form on this page and lets start talking about your wedding to come up with a  plan that fits your budget!



dj photo booth ceremony


If you are having your ceremony and wedding at the same venue, then this deal is perfect for you!  If you get our popular 6 hour Full Service DJ and Photo Booth package ($1400-$2000) we will provide music and microphones for your wedding ceremony free of charge! ($200 value)


Right now we’re offering a special on creating custom song mixes for your special dance. If you’ve been thinking of blowing everyone away with a special choreographed dance that starts with a slow song and jumps to a few fast songs… you’ve come to the right place!

custom song mix