Many times the photo booth rental companies in the Chicago area will bring a collection of props for your guests to use.  Some people may want bring some props of their own  that are special to you or your guests.   Sometimes an inside joke, or really clever prop can add to the fun inside the booth and make the pictures even more memorable and unique.  The more interesting your props, the more photos your guests will take and the more interesting your scrapbook will be.

Sports – bring hats and jerseys from your favorite teams

photo booth moustache

Photo Booth Mustache Fun

Moustaches and Beards – you can use the stick on type or make them out of craft foam and glue them to sticks, that way they can be reused and not mess up your guests’ makeup.  Interesting combinations can be created using these moustaches with hilarious results.

Chalkboards – Make a chalkboard in the shape of a comic book speech bubble. Using a dry erase board instead will make it easier to read in the pictures and can be more colorful

Picture Frames – Pick up an interesting medium size picture frame at a resale shop for your guests to “frame” themselves in their pictures


Animal Masks are Fun and Easy to Make

photo booth sunglasses

Glasses and Hats

Funny Hats – The more bizarre the hat, the more inclined your guests will be to wear it. But don’t forget fedoras and classy hats too, and definitely don’t leave that dumb gag hat that your friends got you while on vacation.

Inside Jokes – Bring a prop that means something to you and your close friends

Sunglasses – 80’s shades, Vintage looking glasses, and oversized glasses are all big hits with your guests.  There are lots of fun kinds of glasses out there that fit all kinds of heads.

Animal pictures – Make a cardboard cutout of the favorite animal in your life, put it on a stick and let your guests photobomb each other while in the booth.  These are pretty easy to make and not expensive at all.  In fact, you can have people work on their own at their table.


Blow up or Stuffed animals : There are a ton of stuffed animals or small blow up toys that will make for some amazing and hilarious pictures

Wooden Letters : Craft stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby have these large letters that can be held and arranged into words inside the booth.