joel air & water show

At the Air and Water Show

Joel Quest’s Bio and Fun Facts

It’s important that you know who your vendors are, so let me introduce myself. Maybe we’ll have some things in common and that’s always helpful in getting to know you!

My Philosophy as a Business Owner

I feel being honest with people and providing them with more than they ever expected is the best way to run a business. I truly love my job working with so many awesome clients on one of the most touching days of their lives. I’m always going to look for an opportunity to create a warm lasting memory for everyone.

My DJ Background:

I started DJing around 1999 in the club scene in Philadelphia. Back then, it was all vinyl records… I started playing a lot of trance, techno and house music and had a blast doing it. It taught me a lot of principals I apply to my role today as a Professional DJ.

A few years into my DJ career, I helped out an injured friend who was a wedding DJ at a gig. I was blown away at how much fun it was and how many possibilities there were. From there I was hooked. I started developing a stronger interest in weddings and working with clients to help them create a really awesome experience for their guests. And here I am today, working approx 50+ events a year and I could not be happier!

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