Custom Mix Songs

Throwing the best party ever means going outside the boundaries!    Using a custom mix song for your first dance or other special dance is a great way to create a memory that everyone is going to love.  Sure, it’s going to take a little work to pull it off, but it will be worth it!   I’ve created many custom mixes for my brides and grooms, some as simple as one song change, and others as complex as the example you see below!    Each mix is custom made especially for you!

Kelly and Her Dad

Here is an example of a Father Daughter Dance mix that I made for Kelly and her dad. We started with “My Girl” from the Temptataions… but quickly bounced around many different songs. No one saw it coming, we started off slow… but then POW we jump from song to song! As you can see by the end of the video, everyone is crowded around the dance floor watching.I can provide you a professional sounding mix of songs that you select, but you have to come up with those awesome dance moves all on your own!

Kim’s Father Daughter Dance

Kim told her and her dad really wanted to take everyone by surprise, so she came up with a list of songs she’d like to hear. She had this all planned out in her head and we made it happen for her! We started out with a little country music. About 1:45 we transitioned into Gangnam Style and Kim and her dad whipped out sunglasses. From there we went into some favorites like “Jump on it”, “Baby Got Back” and “The Wobble”. Even some songs from Dirty Dancing were included which tied it all neatly back into “Just Fishin'” where we started. The crowd LOVED it as you can hear!

Tia and Dan’s First Dance

Tia and Dan are both Math Teachers, so in their custom mix song they included a song called “Calculus” and even had some of their bridal party utilize props, like a chair and a math book. It was a team effort and it paid off. From there we heard Vanilla Ice, Single Ladies and rounded it out with some “Sandstorm” by Darude…complete with glowsticks! Tia and Dan had super busy schedules, but they always found the time to work on their dance routine… and it shows!

You Pick The Songs, I’ll Put Them Together

I have many years experience as a  DJ, Producer and Audio Engineer,  so I can put your selection of songs together so that it transitions smoothly and sounds like something you might hear on T.V.    Every custom mix is different with a different set of challenges and goals to accomplish.

Want Your Own Custom Mix?

custom song mixes Here are some things to consider before placing your order that will help us create the perfect mix for you!

  • We’ll want to keep the overall mix to about 4 minutes max. Anything longer people lose attention.
  • I like to know where you’d like to fade out of the first slow song. Easiest way is to find a youtube clip and tell me in minutes and seconds where you’d like to transition.
  • Most songs have a recognizable “hook” that we’ll want to use. Usually these are between 20-30 seconds a piece. Keep that in mind when listing songs. Most mixes use 6-8 songs total.
  • I’ll help you refine your idea, fill out the form below and lets get started!
  • Mixes take between 24-48 hours to get you a rough draft (depending on workload)

Costs:  $50 Dollars for a mix containing 7 songs max.

Need Extra Help Planning Your Mix?

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