The right music for the right people

Your Bridal Party consists your family and friends; the people you know better than everyone else. Choosing music that fits their personality is what gets everyone hyped up and lets them make the most of their “15 seconds of fame”. With all the music in the world out there, it can be hard to select just a few to use that really reflects your Bridal Party. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing

Choose 3 Songs (or Less)

  •  Choose 3 songs or less for your introductions. 1 song for the parents, one for the bridal party and one for the bride and groom.  Of course, you can use 1 song for the parents and bridal party and one for the bride and groom, or just one song for everyone, as well. DO NOT try to give each couple their own song. I know it sounds tempting, but unless you have a super large venue (like a stadium) there won’t be enough time to really let the song get going, and the result is somewhat of a “choppy” music atmosphere as the music will be changing every 6-10 or seconds.
Song Ideas For Parents

    • Ram Jam – Black Betty
    • Pharell – Happy
    • Earth Wind and Fire – September
    • Harry Belafonte – Shake Senora
    • Right Said Fred – I’m Too Sexy

 Songs for Parents and Grandparents

      •  When selecting a song for just your parents and grandparents, I recommend something that represents them well.  Everyone’s parents are different.  Some are very reserved and conservative and others might just outlast the young folks at the party!  Something from their era might fit them nicely.    If you’re having trouble picking something from their era, just ask them!  They may want to use something that was important to them at their wedding
Popular Bridal Party Songs

  • T.I. Bring Em Out”
  • Kesha – Timber
  • Pharell – Happy
  • Calvin Harris – Feels So Close
  • Rob Base – “It Takes Two”

Songs For Bridal Party

      • For your bridal party, try to pick a song that doesn’t have a lot of long ups and downs.  Songs like “Party Rock Anthem” might sound cool, but have long, sweeping “breakdowns” that equate to low points.  Finding an energetic song with a steady flow to it ensures that everyone will get the chance to really rock it when they are introduced.   Avoid songs with long breakdowns, tranquil portions or long buildups . A song like Blurred Lines has a good deal of pep and a constant flow.

Find Something With Some BITE!

      • If explosive is a word you would use to describe how you want your entrance, then you need to pick something that has a energetic climax in it.   I often set “cue-points” in songs when playing them for introductions, so that way as soon as I announce the bride and groom I can skip right to the most hyped up part of the song.  This  raises the energy level in the room for your guests so that when you walk in,  you’ll feel the energy in the room coming from them!  You’d be surprised how many DJ’s don’t see using cuepoints to intensify introductions.


Sports Fan Entrances

sports wedding introduction Sports are a big part of living in any major city. Some brides and grooms want to include their favorite team in their wedding as well.

Does Your DJ Have “The Voice”?

      • Make sure your DJ and Emcee can perform with a “sports announcer” voice. If you’ve every been to any kind of professional sporting event, you know that the announcers often have a unique flair to their voice. Not every DJ can or will do this, so it’s best to check to see what their capabilities are, especially if you want to re-create what it sounds like when your favorite team’s players are introduced.

Bring Your Colors

      • Wearing sports jerseys is a great way to give your sports intros some visual appeal. I’ve seen couples go as far as to have custom made jersey’s made up that say “BRIDE” and “GROOM” on the back where the name goes. The options here are limitless.  I’ve even done weddings where the Bride and Groom were each fans of rival teams!

Utilize Your Bridal Party

Planning a routine or choreographing introductions involving your bridal party can be very rewarding. It can be something as simple as having them line up on the dancefloor, creating a little path for the bride and groom to walk through or it can be very complex that requires multiple practice sessions. The choice is up to you!

Bring Toys and Props

      • Involving props is a good way to catch your guests attention during introductions.  There may be some item or something relevant to the theme or colors of a wedding to add some real flavor to your wedding.  Even small items like sunglasses or colored handkerchiefs can make an impact.

Get Them To Work Together

      • Encourage your bridal party to work together.  Even if they don’t know each other beforehand, asking  to come up with an attention grabbing entrance helps break the ice and will improve their introduction “chemistry”.

Bring The Energy

      • Crowds LOVE seeing something new and exciting. If your bridal party walks in all hyped up, it will hype your crowd up.  When you walk in, make sure you do it with a lot of energy… I promise your crowd will deliver it back to you!

Talk to Your DJ

      • A good DJ will help facilitate almost any idea you can come up with.  Don’t forget to tell them what is going on!

Check out Conquest Entertainment’s Blog for more ideas

Ideas Tips and Tricks

I’m always pleased to try something new and exciting. I know that a crowd LOVES it when the bride and groom “show off” a little. I will be adding pictures and summaries of introductions, song ideas and other special events on a regular basis. If you’ve got an idea in your head and you want a DJ who loves seeing those ideas through, call or text to’ 630-779-4868 or visit today


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