We Just Want to Be Good People and Provide the Best Experience Possible!

joel quest animals

Everyone who works for Conquest Entertainment shares the same views and philosophy when it comes to customer service and making sure everyone has a great time.   Surrounding yourself with right people who care about the goals in mind and know how to work together.

Photo Booth Attendants:

I can’t be in more than one spot at once (but that would be cool) so I work wit a couple of very awesome and friendly attendants who care about your event as much as you do.   They know how to coax bashful guests to give the Photo Booth a try and to give your guest some great ideas to make some hilarious pictures that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

Animal Lovers Welcome!

I am a BIG animal person.  I love all of them.  I live with cats, horses, reptiles, fish and a parrot.  (doggie soon)   I can’t imagine going more than a day or two without my furry friends.  Because my mom is a vet and I spent many days after school with sick and recovering animals, I learned a lot.   I am the person that my friends will call right before they call a vet at 3am.   I don’t mind, of course, as most animal people wouldn’t.   I’ve always just been very connected with our four legged friends.   There’s nothing better than coming home from a totally rockin’ wedding to curl up with my best friends and some cartoons.

That’s part of the reason why when I built my photo booth they way I did.   I did it in such a way that people could include images of their beloved pets on the touchscreens if they wanted to.