9¬†Things That Make Us Better DJ’s

There are a lot of DJ’s out there. But if there were no bad DJ’s, there would be no Bad DJ Horror stories. We take a lot of pride in our work and here are some of the things that help your night become a total success.

1. Learning What YOU Like

Every wedding is different and so is every couples taste in music. My DJ’s and I spend a LOT of time talking with you and getting your input so that we can pinpoint exactly what it is you and your fiance like to hear. We have several ways to do this, but at the end, you’ll be hearing music that you AND your guests will love!

2. Playing Music at a Comfortable Level

We’ve all been to that wedding where the DJ was playing so loud it hurt your ears. I am constantly checking to make sure that my sound is not too loud and that people do not have to shout when talking to other guests. I have high quality equipment and have spent a lot of time learning how it works and how to making it sound best from seminars and other educational classes.

3. Using Quality Equipment

dj rigI am a strong believer in “you get what you pay for”. I believe in using high quality equipment, because more than anything, I want it to work and I want it to sound amazing. There are plenty of cheap alternatives to the kind of equipment I use and it doesn’t take a sophisticated ear to hear the difference.

4. Being Prepared…for Anything!

Equipment can fail. Hard drives can crash. Plans can change. It’s good to know your DJ is a problem solver and carries backup equipment. Also, if plans need to change at the last minute, I am usually out ahead of that problem with a solution.

5. Including the Older Crowd

There’s a wide range of ages at a wedding and if you want all of them to have fun, you have to play lots of different kinds of music. I often hear from older guests about weddings they have been to where the DJ didn’t play anything they could dance to. If everyone has fun, your wedding is BETTER.

6. Innovative Ideas

If it’s one thing that we love, it’s talking weddings. Coming up with something fun and classy for an intro, or a surprise spotlight dance or a theme for your wedding is exciting and it can really add to the impact of your party. There’s lots of ways to infuse your personality into your wedding.

7. Good Synergy with Other Vendors

Working together with other vendors is key to the success of the night. I always keep the photographers, videographers and other vendors informed of any changes or anything special that they may need to know. Whether it be something special or a major last minute plan change, I keep them “in the know” so they can do their job better.

8. Ceremony Experience

wedding ceremonyWedding Ceremonies are important and require someone with experience to work the sound and mics. It’s not as simple as it appears! Songs have to be played at the exact right time, so that takes coordination with the wedding party and the officiant. Microphones can be tricky too. You definitely don’t want loud feedback or other noises ruining your beautiful ceremony!

9. Seeing the Big Picture

Experience is a valuable tool. Without it, you run the risk of running into potential problems. Years of experience has taught us to plan ahead in order to make the most of your ideas and get out in front of anything that might not work well or fail entirely. Making calls to venues and other vendors helps with this and ensures that your wedding goes off without a hitch.